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The first solo exhibition in an Italian institution by the Croatian artist presents a reflection on the original nature of the fifteenth-century Monastery of Dimesse e delle Servite which now houses the museum For his first solo exhibition in an Italian institution, the artist of Croatian origin Dora Budor (Zagreb, 1984) presents a project included in the Zero Space of the GAMeC.

Conceived in connection with the Continent exhibition at the Kunsthaus Bregenz (2022), the exhibition considers the specificities of the context of multiple institutions as recursive structures, underlining how variations from venue to venue influence the perception of the work. In the context of the GAMeC, the artist's interventions examine the constructive and architectural prerogatives of the characteristic museum spaces, the result of the restoration of the fifteenth-century monastery of Dimesse and delle Servite, by Vittorio Gregotti. In Bregenz, Budor produced some casts of the sections of the diaphragm tunnel that surrounds the underground foundations of the Austrian museum, whose function is to prevent the collapse of the adjacent buildings and expel the infiltration of water and mud from the alluvial soil on which the building rests. .

The works, entitled Kollektorgang (I-XIV), Kollektorgang (XV-XXIV), and Kollektorgang (XXV-XXIX) (all dating back to 2021), include remnants of the maintenance and administrative production as starting material. In the context of GAMeC's hermetic Zero Space, the layout of Kollektorgang obstructs the entrances and creates a corridor surrounding the room. From the beginning, monastic practice saw corridors as tools to accelerate the pace at which messages were delivered, promoting this space of circulation as an instrument of speed. Through successive relations with the flows of modernity, the corridor revolution of the nineteenth century later expanded its uses, including, among these, sanitation, surveillance, and institutionalization, thus channeling and defining people through its regimes. space.


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Via San Tomaso, 53
24121 Bergamo


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Until 08 February 2023

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Until 28 May 2023

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