The Museum of San Domenico in Imola is housed in the former convent of Saint Nicholas and Dominic. It is among the most significant buildings in the historic center of Imola and its construction as the headquarters of the Dominican order dates back to the thirteenth century and has suffered centuries of several reconstructions, renovations and unfortunately devastation. The museum restoration and its transformation has allowed to recover the original space of the monastery and to identify the original intended use as chapter, the dormitories, the kitchen, the barns, the cells, offering visitors a journey to discover the monument and its history through artistic and architectural features retrieved. Having access to the church pulpit returns the entire complex its primitive drives and offers a wide and unusual view of the interior of the church of San Domenico where you can admire a masterpiece by Ludovico Carracci. Works and other objects to origin, quality, rarity tell together and bring out places, artists, events, local products, flavors and the city lifestyle and its territory. The visit offers a new interpretation of historical and artistic collections and an observatory on its contemporary art in the city.

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