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Palazzo Sturm

Palazzo Sturm, from whose belvedere you can enjoy an incomparable panorama of the Brenta river and the Ponte degli Alpini, was donated to the Municipality of Bassano by Baron Giovanni Battista Sturm von Hirschfeld in 1943. The precious residence commissioned by Vincenzo Ferrari, an important industrialist and traded in silk, it was built in the mid-18th century.

The building has over seventy rooms distributed over seven levels and decorated by the Veronese painter Giorgio Anselmi in around 1760. The mythological and allegorical subjects, represented with a taste that recalls the manner of the so-called Roman-Bologna baroque triumphs, allude to the commercial and economic enterprises of the Ferrari family's manufacturing. These frescoes can now be admired again, thanks to an excavation campaign that took place in 2018.

The ground floor of the building houses the Remondini Printing Museum , dedicated to the typography and chalcography of the famous family of graphic entrepreneurs from Bassano. The Remondinis were responsible for what can be considered the first global image major, an industrial giant that made its fortune between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries by focusing on originality, variety and exports. Their engravings imposed iconographic models that contributed to giving an almost universal visual image to stories, places and even cults. The museum illustrates all aspects of the Remondini industrial phenomenon, in an ideal journey through their entire production which includes, among others, books, decorated papers, popular engravings, games, optical views and the etchings and woodcuts of the great Italian and Europeans such as Andrea Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Luca di Leyda, Marcantonio Raimondi, Ugo da Carpi, Jacques Callot and many others.

On the main floor, the Giuseppe Roi Ceramics Museum collects the city collections that have been transferred and set up in Palazzo Sturm since 1992, evidence of the important Bassano ceramic tradition , which saw the Antonibon family among its protagonists, as well as other significant manufactures Italian. The collections are ordered according to chronological criteria starting from the 16th century, grouping the materials within the different historical periods, the different manufactures and creating distinct sections by executive technique.


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Via Schiavonetti, 40
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