Giacomo Manzù Museum

The collection of works by Giacomo Manzu Museum consists of more than 450 sculptures, prints, jewelry, drawings and medals made by Manzu in a span of about 20 years. A large garden surrounds the structure designed by Thomas Porn and many sculptures are housed just outside, among the plants, whose layout was designed by the sculptor himself. Manzu lived for many years near Ardea and has always been tied to these places that house even now his remains. The sculptures are nearly all bronze, two large works in ebony, one sculpture in alabaster and a bas-relief in stucco. The museum also has a large collection of photographs of the works of Manzu and a collection of three hundred and thirty graphic works - drawings, prints, theater sketches. Beautiful large group of bronze Lovers is the main work of the "cycle" of the Lovers. The Museum Manzu retains all seven copies in bronze, in which the female nude is enhanced and celebrated. The collection also includes the preparatory bas-reliefs for the bronze doors of the Cathedral of Salzburg and Rotterdam.

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Via Laurentina km 32
00040 Ardea


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