Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum

The Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum

The Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum in Rome is housed in the small villa of the same name which was designed in 1901 by the engineer Giovanni Battista Giovenale (1849-1934).

The Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum is located between Porta Pinciana and Porta Salaria, where in the 17th century Villa Ludovisi stood which, together with the nearby Villa Medici and numerous other noble villas and gardens, constituted the great green belt around the historic center of Rome since the age ancient.

The building is a particular example of eclectic architecture , expressive of the taste defined as “Roman baroque” of the early twentieth century mixed with Liberty elements.

The Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum is dedicated to the decorative arts, costume and Italian fashion . Divided into five exhibition rooms, the Museum exhibits the original furnishings of the villa, including furniture, tapestries, paintings and ceramics.

Also exhibited here are objects ranging from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century and which include examples of decorative arts, costume, design and Italian haute couture clothes , including models by Fausto Sarli, Fernanda Gattinoni, Valentino, Roberto Capucci, Raffaella Curiel, Lorenzo Riva, Renato Balestra, Mila Schön, Marella Ferrera, André Laug and Angelo Litrico. In 1996, the important collection of dresses belonging to Palma Bucarelli (1910-1998), the director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome from 1941 to 1975, was added to this heritage. There are still dresses from the Sartoria Paradisi in Rome. and the deposits of important collectors, such as that of the fashion journalist Maria Vittoria Caruso Alfonsi.

In addition to its historical collections, the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum also hosts events and contemporary art exhibitions.

Ph. Credit Roberto Galasso, Valentina Flamingo and Maximiliano Massaroni


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via Boncompagni, 18
00187 Rome


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