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Ugo and Olga Levi Foundation

The Ugo and Olga Levi Foundation for non-profit music studies was established in 1962 with a deed of donation by Ugo Levi in homage to the will of his wife Olga Brunner and in memory of the common passion for musical studies.

The Statute of the Ugo and Olga Levi Foundation defines the following purposes: the destination of Palazzo Giustinian Lolin in Venice as a venue for high-level musical studies and events the presence of a library for historical studies on music from all countries, from all times , of all shapes and trends; the organization of cycles of exercises, concerts, conferences, debates and, in general, private or public musical events in the highest expressions, with particular regard to interpretation and composition.

The Ugo and Olga Levi Foundation deals with musicological and ethnomusicological research in the Veneto, national and European fields, also with the cataloging and study of musical collections. His more than fifty years of experience has led to a preference for the creation of international research groups on a specific theme, at the head of subgroups of scholars. In regular meetings the results of the works are compared and checked. Associated with the research activity, an important publishing activity has developed over the years.


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San Marco, 2893
30124 Venice


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