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In the space immersed in the Piedmontese countryside and transformed into a place dedicated to art and artists, always in the name of experimentation and dialogue between different disciplines, Cascina IDEA announces the 2022 programming: second appointment in October with Daiga Grantina .

The set of works that Daiga Grantina will develop during the summer residence at Cascina IDEA comes from a precious suggestion: Henri Beyle Stendhal. Of his phases about love, “1. Admiration. 2. We are told: what a pleasure to give her kisses, to receive them. 3. Hope. 4. Love was born. 5. The first crystallization begins. 6. Doubt arises. 7. Second crystallization. ”, We can all practice it. Even within an exhibition space. Let's try to think: admiration, entering and directing the first glance at a corpus of unpublished works, the desire, to enter into a reciprocal relationship with the works, which then becomes hope to the point that barriers they fall and the growing passion can no longer be held back.

At this point Stendhal would say that the enthralling feeling crystallizes and it is precisely here, around the crystallization process, that the most intimate meaning of what Daiga Grantina wants to achieve emerges . The crystallization that we will witness is not to be understood as the scientific phenomenon that we commonly know, but as a feeling that turns to the discovery of new charms. By experimenting with new materials, even more resistant than those she usually uses, and by measuring herself even with smaller dimensions, she will create something specific that can trigger, together with space and in space, strong and infinite reactions.

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Via Guglielmo Marconi, 26
28010 Agrate Conturbia


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