Pinacoteca e Museo Civico di Volterra

The Pinacoteca and Civic Museum of Volterra

The Pinacoteca di Volterra has been set up since 1982 in the Renaissance Palazzo Minucci Solaini. The halls of the palace house an important collection of paintings that illustrate the artistic history of Volterra from the Middle Ages to the modern age flanked by sculptures, medals, coins and ceramics, which belong to the collection of the Civic Museum.

The tour begins with important paintings with a gold background from the Sienese and Florentine schools of the 14th and 15th centuries, including a painted Cross and the 1418 Taddeo di Bartolo Polyptych, perfectly preserved. The paintings of the Renaissance period are by masters such as Neri di Bicci, Benvenuto di Giovanni del Guasta, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Luca Signorelli, of the latter one of the most important works of him is preserved: the beautiful Annunciation of 1491, one of the Renaissance masterpieces .

Among the works stands out the Deposition from the Cross by Rosso Fiorentino, from 1521, one of the most important paintings in the history of Italian art and the most significant painting of Mannerism.

In the same building is the alabaster Ecomuseum, which can be accessed with the same ticket. It contains the testimonies of the processing and trade of alabaster, which for centuries have been the basis of the Volterra economy. The museum displays vases, sculptures and objects and a large space is left to design and works of art made in this material.


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Via dei Sarti, 1
56048 Volterra


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