National Etruscan Museum Rocca Albornoz

The National Etruscan Museum Rocca Albornoz is the archaeological museum of the city of Viterbo. La Rocca Albornoz, home to the National Archaeological Museum, was built in 1354 by Cardinal Albornoz, and renovated in 1506 promoted by Pope Julius II commissioned Bramante to add courtyard and central fountain. La Rocca is leaning against the walls of the city of Viterbo and dominates the square where there is a fountain in lava stone, designed by Vignola. The museum, in addition to being entered in a splendid architectural setting, preserves artifacts of great beauty and of great scientific value. With effective life-size reconstructions, they are presented the Etruscan housing of Acquarossa and the Musarna and Ferento centers. There are a large number of Etruscan funerary objects from the major sites of the province among them being the tomb of the chariot of Ischia di Castro, a prestigious masterpiece of Etruscan sixth century BC

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Piazza della Rocca, 21b
01100 Viterbo


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