Leo-Lev Exhibition Center

Leo-Lev Exhibition Center

The Leo-Lev Center is an exhibition and multifunctional space located in the heart of the municipality of Vinci, in an area of Tuscany that is a unique concentration of history and culture. The mission of the Center is to promote knowledge and passion for art, thanks to new forms of interaction between the public and the works, to a new way of doing research and above all through the sharing of experiences in a context of the whole. special, different from conventional exhibition spaces.

With this objective, the Leo-Lev Center hosts and organizes exhibitions, events, conferences, educational workshops, study days and other national and international initiatives, dedicated to spreading the knowledge and value of ancient, modern and contemporary art.

It is no coincidence that the Center is based in Vinci, the Tuscan village where Leonardo was born, a place full of suggestions from the past that can now mark an important starting point for projecting into the future a renewed sensitivity for the protection and enhancement of the artistic heritage.

The Center is located in the ancient Villa Bellio-Baronti-Pezzatini. From the entrance in Via Roma you enter Piazza Pedretti, named after Prof. Carlo Pedretti, one of the leading experts on the life and works of Leonardo.

The space is enriched by artistic works by Oreste Ruggiero. The decorative flooring is inspired by Leonardo's Sala delle Asse of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan; the scenographic fountain, designed together with Prof. Pedretti; the Skylines, four works aimed at the four cities of the Tuscan genius (Vinci, Florence, Milan, Amboise).


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Piazza Pedretti, 1
50059 Vinci


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