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The Tadini Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1829 in Lovere at the behest of Count Luigi Tadini and included a gallery and music and drawing schools, still active and lively attended. The count had an imposing neoclassical style palace built on the lake shore to display his art collection, formed between the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, to the public.

The museum collects masterpieces from different historical eras, among which stand out names such as Canova, Bellini, Hayez, Benzoni, Pitocchetto, Paris Bordon and Oprandi, Schifano, Lindstrom and many others. The visit begins from the chapel in the center of the garden, built to house the Tadini Stele, one of the last works by Antonio Canova , sculpted between 1819 and 1821 to honor the memory of the count's son who died prematurely in 1799.

The art collection is exhibited on the main floor of the building and includes the Gallery of Arms, the Cabinet of Antiquities with its archaeological collection, the rooms dedicated to the precious collection of oriental and western porcelain, the library and a spectacular balcony which allows to admire the landscape of the lake. At the center of the museum, the large concert hall has hosted a prestigious musical season since 1927 with performers from all over Europe. Following are the rooms dedicated to the exhibition of the paintings.

The second floor houses the 19th century Museum while a selected collection of modern and contemporary art concludes the visit, including documentation of Italian and European artistic culture from the post-World War II period up to very recent years. The Academy organizes exhibitions and activities to involve adults and children and is committed to the local area for the enhancement of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage.


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Via Tadini, 40
24065 Lovere


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