The Lift was born in Palermo in 2015 thanks to the spirit of patronage of  Alberto Laganà ;, young collector and art lover, with the aim of providing young artists, national and international, an exhibition experimental place and, at the same time with l’ intent to create a connection with Sicilian artists. The project coincides with a place, an exhibition area nonprofit dedicated to artists, a place of passage at the center of the cityà ;, illuminated 24 H. L’ Lift also benefits from the support of  Danilo Signorino  and  Vito Bongiorno,  ; that they contribute to the production of works and spatial management. Since 2017, the artistic directionè entrusted to the duo  Genuardi/Ruta  with a revolt programming to artists of his generation that are emerging on the international scene and from time to time, invite a receiver or directly to the artists to think of a project to be developed.

the artists are asked to create a work in the name of experimentation and experience, having the opportunityà to spend a variable time, according to the project, the cityà Palermo to confront the local culture and traditions, which often introduces new materials in the work, visions and suggestions. 


Timetable and tickets


Vicolo Niscemi, 8
90133 Palermo


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