The Civic Archaeological Museum of Viddalba is located in the historic center of the city of Vaddalba. The museum is the only scientific cultural center in the lower Coghinas valley and collects significant traces of the Roman presence in the area. The Museum is dedicated to the archaeological remains of the territory of Viddalba from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. In the exhibition, accompanied by didactic panels, there are ceramic and lithic materials of the Neolithic culture of Ozieri, and of the Eneolithic one of Bonnanaro to which the finds from Monte San Giovanni refer. The remains of the village of San Leonardo are evidence of the Nuragic civilization, from which a remarkable bronze ax also derives. Many artifacts preserved come from the Roman necropolis of the republican and imperial age with gold, silver, glass paste and lithic steles, which constitute the mark of tombs. These stelae, rectangular or trapezoidal, are decorated with a palm branch motif that encloses the main anthropomorphic figure. The Museum exhibits a reconstruction of the tombs of the different eras. The exhibition is curated from the didactic and scientific point of view in order to make the path easy to use even for a non-specialist public.

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Piazza Municipio
07030 Viddalba

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