Leoni Montanari Palace is located in the historic city of Vicenza and is part of The Galleries of Italy's Intesa San Paolo. Since 1999 is the seat of Vicenza in Italy galleries, the museum center of this Bank in Milan and Naples, which sets out a selection of thirty works from the collections of the Art Group. Beside the presentation of the collections owned, temporary exhibitions are organized according to original science projects, thanks to loans and exchanges with major national and international museums. The museum collection houses several sections: the Attic and Apulian ceramics, Venetian seven hundred and Russian icons. The ceramics are the most important collection of galleries consists of 500 exhibits from Ruvo di Puglia. Of great interest is the preparation that facilitate dialogue between the figures and iconography of ancient ceramics with the story of the frescoes. The paintings and sculptures on display in the hall of the Venetian eighteenth century document the artistic fortune of the Serenissima. Finally, Russian icons conclude the tour route and contain paintings and sculptures in reference to the Russian culture.

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Contrà Santa Corona, 25
36100 Vicenza

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