Castle of the Art of Soliera

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Campori Foundation

Campori Castle is the symbol of Soliera. Built in the 12th century as a fortress and then transformed into a stately home, the Castle owes its name to the Campori marquises, who inhabited it starting from the 17th century. In previous centuries it was disputed between the Este and Pio families, due to its strategic position, halfway between Modena and Carpi.

After the 2012 earthquake, the Municipality restored it and transformed it into a Castle of Art: an exhibition venue dedicated to contemporary artistic languages.

In recent years the Castle has hosted important art and photography exhibitions: in 2018 “Intra moenia. Collezioni Cattelani”, with works by leading Italian and international artists; in 2019 “A country takes us”, curated by the photographic collective TerraProject; in 2020 “Arnaldo Pomodoro {sur}face”, dedicated to one of the greatest living sculptors; in 2021 “Mauro Staccioli [re]action”, starring another sculptor, one of the main exponents of international environmental sculpture.


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Piazza Fratelli Sassi, 2
41019 Soliera


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