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This is the painting, sculpture, video and literature project, new for Italy, which the artist Roberto Floreani conceived and curated for the Municipality of Vicenza and Silvana Editoriale - who took on its co-production - for the prestigious spaces of Basilica Palladiana, with works from the main national museums, galleries and private collections.

For the first time, the Italian Pop and Beat generations are told and exhibited together, witnesses of a common feeling of those years, linked to an optimistic vision of the future and the movement commitment of 1968, thus making them original and autonomous from Pop and Beat suggestions American, for too many years indicated as decisive. The proactive uniqueness and absolute stature of Italian Pop in Europe will be highlighted, as well as the substantial differences and autonomy of its artists compared to American ones. In Italy, in fact, there will be a grassroots attendance, sensitive to the national artistic tradition, to the landscape, to the futurist avant-garde, which will be the protagonist of the social, political and cultural changes in the squares, in the streets, in the factories, in the universities: instances that have become the object of most of the works and documents on display. Distant, therefore, from those of American artists and writers, soon pampered in the commercial and university spheres, often received as authentic stars and oriented towards the evidence of the consumer products of mass society amplified by advertising.

The Pop section, with almost a hundred selected works by thirty-five artists, will favor large formats which will be spectacularized by a large section of sculptures. There will be works by Valerio Adami, Franco Angeli, Enrico Baj, Paolo Baratella, Roberto Barni, Gianni Bertini, Alik Cavaliere, Mario Ceroli, Claudio Cintoli, Lucio Del Pezzo, Fernando De Filippi, Bruno Di Bello, Tano Festa, Giosetta Fioroni, Pietro Gallina, Piero Gilardi, Sergio Lombardo, Roberto Malquori, Renato Mambor, Elio Marchegiani, Umberto Mariani, Gino Marotta, Titina Maselli, Fabio Mauri, Aldo Mondino, Ugo Nespolo, Pino Pascali, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Concetto Pozzati, Mimmo Rotella, Sergio Sarri, Mario Schifano, Giangiacomo Spadari, Tino Stefanoni, Cesare Tacchi, Emilio Tadini.

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Piazza dei Signori
36100 Vicenza


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