The Palazzo Maffei House Museum is located in the historic center of Verona in Piazza delle Erbe. The Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei offers the visitor an exhibition itinerary with a "double soul", between ancient and modern. The collection houses over 350 works, including nearly 200 paintings, about twenty sculptures, drawings and an important selection of applied art objects (period furniture, antique glass, Renaissance ceramics and 17th-18th century majolica, but also silver , ivories, wooden artifacts, oriental art pieces, rare volumes) set up in twenty rooms, decorated with strucco and frescoes. In the first part of the exhibition, the dialogue with the rooms of the Noble Floor of the Palace is privileged to recreate the atmosphere of a private residence, but also the sense of a wunderkammer and a synthesis between the arts, with thematic nuclei of ancient art in which the dialogue with modernity suddenly breaks out. In the second part, dedicated to the twentieth century and contemporary art, we wanted to create a real museum gallery, in which many masterpieces stand out, you can see the passion for Futurism and Metaphysics and meet some of the greatest artists of the 20th century: Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, Gino Severini, but also Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico, Felice Casorati and Giorgio Morandi alongside René Magritte, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp. And again Afro, Emilio Vedova, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri, Tancredi, Gino De Dominicis, Piero Manzoni, and many others.

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Piazza Erbe, 38
37121 Verona

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