Lodovico Pogliaghi Museum

Lodovico Pogliaghi House Museum

Sacro Monte di Varese is a monumental site consisting of fourteen chapels, the Sanctuary and the Crypt, erected on the Velate mountain between 1604 and 1698. The Via Sacra is dedicated to the Mysteries of the Rosary, a 2 km long uphill path with 250 meters of altitude. The village can also be reached by private and public transport, even using the liberty funicular.

Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi is the house-atelier of the Milanese artist (Milan, 1857 - Santa Maria del Monte, 1950) who discovered the beauty of the Sacro Monte in 1885 on the occasion of the restoration of some chapels along the Viale. After buying a rustic, in the neighboring lands he began the construction of his residence in whose interior rooms alternate different styles: the red room inspired by the Venetian salons, the exedra of marbles in imitation of the Pantheon and the gilded gallery with oriental influences. The artist's masterpiece is the central door of the Milan Cathedral, whose plaster model in the original scale is scenographically displayed in the atelier.

The villa is completed by the Italian garden of the parterre and the park on the lower level with centuries-old trees from which you can admire the gilded mosaic pediment.

Since 2014, after twenty years of closure, the House Museum is again open to the public, whose vast collection - more than 1500 works including paintings, sculptures and applied arts and about 580 archaeological objects - testifies to the artist's passion for collecting.


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Via Beata Giuliana, 5
21100 Varese


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