Casa Natale Gaetano Donizetti

The Natal Home Of Gaetano Donizetti

The birth house where he was born in 1797, the composer Gaetano Donizetti is a place of historical and cultural value. The house is a 5-storey building of which the oldest part (the environments inhabited by Donizetti) dates back to the XIV - XV century and has kept its original appearance: ideal backdrop to imagine and uses of the past everyday behavior. Purchased by the city of Bergamo in 1925, in 1926 the building was declared a National Monument. Since 2009, after an operation that made fully accessible, Birthplace, managed by the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti, it is open to the public.&Nbsp; The visit provides access to various areas of historic interest of the building so as to give an overview of the life of the composer from Bergamo with references to events related to his master Mayr and theater.&Nbsp; 

To give added value to the visit was realized the project Sonore Footprints, a sonic journey into the past, in the voices and noises at the time and place of the small Gaetano Donizetti. By registering with binaural microphone it is a gripping narrative holophonic was created, capable of evoking the everyday life of a humble nineteenth family and immersing you in three-dimensional sound environments. Footprints Sonore, thanks to its peculiar features as compared to a traditional audio guide, accompanying the user does not by sight, but hearing. The application allows you to customize the location and time of visit. The visitor can navigate freely between the content of the three floors of the house where, respectively, "The house where I was born," "Apt Pupil and Teacher" and "Donizetti Theater."


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Via Borgo Canale, 14
24129 Bergamo


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