Museo del Merletto di Burano

Lace Museum

The museum, opened in 1981, is headquartered in the historic areas of Lace School of Burano, founded in 1872 by Countess Andriana Marcello for revitalizing a centuries-old tradition. After the closure of the school, a consortium created by the Venetian public agencies and the Foundation Andriana Marcello– Meanwhile constituted– starts, since 1978, a’ attentive activityà of rediscovery and cultural development of this’ art: l’ archive of’ old school, full of important documents and drawings, is ordered and cataloged; the headquarters is renovated and converted into exhibition space.

Born così Lace Museum . On display are over a hundred preziosiesemplari the rich collection of the School, as well as important examples of Venetian products from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Incorporated in 1995 in the Civic Museums of Venice, this space offers today not only the’ exhibition of pieces of great value, but also the possibilityà to observe the true processing techniques proposed by lace, still repositories of quest’ art and found in the morning in the museum. Additionallyè available to scholars l’ archive, an important source of historical documents– artistic, with drawings, photos and other iconographic testimony.


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Piazza Galuppi, 187
30012 Venezia


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