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From squares to courts, stories of games and shows between the 1700s and 1800s at the Reggia di Venaria offers some significant representations of games and shows between courts, theaters and squares from Turin , the Savoy capital to the provincial cities, presenting rare iconographic evidence of the 1700s e '800 including paintings of the Savoy Royal Residences and precious posters from the Engraved Fund of the Library of the Bishop's Seminary of Asti.

During the eighteenth century , before the French Revolution, the squares and the courts did not only know a relationship of opposition, although they expressed different poles of the society of the time. In fact, there were many occasions and moments in which these spaces interacted and interpenetrated. Games and shows represented these moments: the Court often brought parties and tournaments to the squares, in which the citizens could attend and participate. At the same time, in their daily life, the squares were animated by a colorful universe of jugglers, acrobats, magicians, magicians, puppeteers, animal trainers, "monstrous" characters. They were joined by those who exhibited unusual objects such as magic lanterns, "new worlds", wax figures and even the first balloons.

The exhibition tells about this varied universe of men and women of entertainment, using precious works preserved in the Royal Savoy Residences and in public and private collections in the Piedmont area.

Alongside paintings from Palazzo Madama and the Racconigi and Agliè castles , there are very rare posters kept in the Library of the Bishop's Seminary of Asti. Examples of those first advertising posters that acrobats, jugglers, horse riders and street artists posted in the cities where they performed. Dating back to the years 1780-1820, these simple but fascinating prints document the main acrobatic or illusionistic exercises offered to the public.


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Piazza della Repubblica, 4
10078 Venaria Reale


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