Palazzo d'Avalos is located in the center of Vasto, in the province of Chieti. Today the building is the seat of the Civic Museums of the city: the archaeological museum, the museum of the ancient custom, the Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Collection. The archaeological museum was originally housed in the town hall, then closed and dismantled to be set up in its present location in 1998. The museum collection houses the finds from the province of Chieti and include periods from the ninth century BC until the Middle Ages. Among the most significant finds are those of the imperial necropolis and the Roman city ages, including funerary and votive bronzes. The Costume Museum was founded in 1995 and has a collection of costumes for men, women and children of popular culture and noble. Of great value are the clothes of the noble families of Vasto, the intimate linens and a sedan belonged to the d'Avalos. Finally, the Art Gallery was opened in 1849 and is one of the oldest museums of the Civic. The works are mostly nineteenth century paintings collected by several noble private collections. Among the most famous works include those of the Palizzi brothers, "Netherlands", "The Forklift" and "the two little shepherds". The Contemporary Art Collection ends the path and keeps eighty works from the donation "Pavilion - Olivares". The collection includes works by Italian and Spanish artists such as: Falconi, De Stefano, Carmassi, Bonichi, Ortega, Quetglas, Carmassi and Bonichi.

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Piazza L. V. Pudente
66054 Vasto


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