Francesco Podesti Civic Art Gallery

Civic Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art

Since 1973, the Francesco Podesti Civic Art Gallery of Ancona has been located in the historic Bosdari palace in via Pizzecolli, to which a new building has recently been added which has allowed the entrance to be moved to vicolo Foschi, a small street next to the church of Santa Maria della Piazz a, and the writing of an artistic story that alternates ancient, modern and contemporary.

The collection of the Pinacoteca of Ancona, one of the most important in the Marche, traces the artistic history of the Region from the Middle Ages to today, boasting absolute masterpieces including the marvelous "Pala Gozzi" by Tiziano Vecellio , the first autograph work of the Venetian master, the Madonna with Child” by Carlo Crivelli , the “Sacred Conversation”, also called “Pala dell'Alabarda”, by Lorenzo Lotto , and works by Sebastiano Del Piombo , Andrea Lilli , Guercino , Francesco Podesti and many others.

The Museum also houses an important collection of twentieth-century works, with examples by Bartolini, Bucci, Cagli, Trubbiani, Cucchi and other contemporary artists largely linked to the history of the prestigious "Marche Prize". In the new layout of the Pinacoteca di Ancona there is a section dedicated to temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.


Permanent Collection

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Vicolo Foschi, 4
60121 Ancona


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