MacS - Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia

Mac S Museum Of Contemporary Art Sicily

Macs is set to’ interior of the Small Abbey Monastery of San Benedetto in Catania Crociferi and from 2013 is home to Sicilian artists, Italian and internazioni, with various exposures d’ contemporary art figurative.

In keeping with the beautiful setting that it is located and with beautiful frescoes of the Church of St. Benedict, attached to the monastery, the  MACS  combining  architectural beauty eighteenth  to modernityà ; dell’ contemporary art; the museumè In fact, the merge section that starts from the distant baroque pictorial tradition to arrive at the contemporaneousnessà and whose purposeè enhance the  cultural heritage of Sicilian heritage, often creating cultural associations with equally prestigious historical and artistic containers, and promote knowledge of’ Italian and international contemporary art giving space to young talents and artists già established.


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Via S. Francesco D'Assisi, 30
95124 Catania


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