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ongoing Wonder Woman.

Curated by: Alessia Marchi

The show

The exhibition rooms of Palazzo Morando host an exhibition dedicated to one of the most iconic characters of all time, Wonder Woman, thus fulfilling the mission of a place for discussion on issues related to the phenomena of costume.

This is the first museum project and the first exhibition in Italy entirely dedicated to the female heroine of the DC universe, one of the most beloved characters in the American imagination of all time.

Conceived for publishing in 1941 by the American psychologist William Moulton Marston, with the first illustrations by Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman in the 1970s became the American television series of the same name, starring a timeless Lynda Carter, to finally conquer the big screen with the films Wonder Woman (2017) and Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), both starring Gal Gadot and distributed in Italy by Warner Bros. Pictures. Eighty years in which her figure - a very original model of American pop culture - embodied the heroic ideal of the warrior-woman, the greatest female icon of the DC universe who debuted in the pages of All Star Comics # 8 as Diana, young member of a tribe of women called Amazons, originally from Paradise Island, a hidden island located in the middle of a vast ocean.

Wonder Woman has become the undisputed symbol of truth, justice and equality, crossing and overcoming geographical borders and decades of history. "Beautiful like Aphrodite, wise like Athena, faster than Hermes and stronger than Hercules", but also tenacious like Atlas, powerful like Zeus, bold like Achilles: Wonder Woman embodies the best physical and moral abilities that Greco-Roman mythology has. keep teaching. It is a unicum, therefore, in which still today we can reflect women - and even men - who know that they are all a bit "wonder".


Works on display

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Via Sant'Andrea, 6
20121 Milano


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