Villa of the Queen

Villa della Regina is a splendid seventeenth- century villa located in the eastern-hilly part of Turin , in the Borgo Po district.

For centuries it was the residence of many Savoy sovereigns. It was chosen as a place of summer residence, for example by Polissena d'Assia, queen of Sardinia, hence the name by which it is known. It is part of the circuit of the Savoy residences in Piedmont and since 1997 it has been registered on the World Heritage List as part of the UNESCO Savoy Residences serial site . Today the complex of the Villa della Regina can be visited and, inside the fascinating seventeenth-century building in Baroque style, numerous paintings by artists such as Daniel Seiter and Giovanni Battista Crostato can be admired.

Of particular beauty are the splendid Chinese cabinets in lacquered and gilded wood that are found inside. On the back of the building there is an Italian garden, in the shape of an amphitheater, in which the Solinghi pavilion is located, a two-storey construction in the shape of a pagoda where the Accademia dei Solinghi, a circle of intellectuals founded precisely from Maurizio of Savoy.

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Strada Comunale Santa Margherita, 79
10131 Turin


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