Palazzo Capece

Capece Palace

Along Corso Umberto in Caivano, part of the ancient Via Regia that connected Naples with the Royal Palace of Caserta, stands Palazzo Capece. An architectural structure that still retains the essential features of the typical buildings of the nineteenth century, when even before it became the property of the Capece family, the building was a post office. At the time, the expeditions, as well as people, traveled by carriages and to ensure efficiency and speed of transport the post stations (located about 8km from each other) offered an indispensable support for the journey, giving the possibility to change horses and postillions, so that they maintained a high pace for the entire duration of the journey. The post stations were structured with several buildings, which housed stables for horses, sheds for stagecoaches, farrier shops, inns for the refreshment of the people.

Palazzo Capace over the years has undergone some changes related to the renovation of the premises, favoring greater solidity of the entire building, which still retains the precious heritage of the people who lived there. Not only elements that can be traced back to the past as a post station, but also an enormous quantity of objects, precious items, artifacts, statues, paintings and tools. In the last 50 years it was Pietro Capece, in particular, who enriched Palazzo Capece thanks to his passion for art, and it is thanks to him too that today the Palace can boast a gallery with countless objects of historical and artistic value.

Today Palazzo Capece is a complex of 3500 square meters, which is being renovated to enhance its spaces spread over several levels. It can host all types of events: conferences, cultural events, historical-theatrical representations, concerts, private parties. A part of the structure will also be dedicated to the creation of experiences for people who visit Naples and Caivano for the first time.


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Corso Principe Umberto, 302
80023 Caivano


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