Moncalieri Castle

The Moncalieri Castle stands on top of a hill in the historic center of Moncalieri , not far from the city of Turin . Together with some of the other Savoy residences it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. One of the oldest of the Savoy residences, the Castle of Moncalieri stands in all its calm monumentality guarding the Po, not far from Turin .

Built in medieval times with defensive purposes, it was transformed by the Savoy into a “place of delights” following numerous expansion and embellishment interventions. Much loved by the female characters of the House of Savoy, such as Queen Maria Adelaide and the princesses Clotilde and Letizia, the castle was a place of residence, the seat of the education of the young princes and the scene of sensational events: fragments of history and family memories still linger in the royal apartments, connected to the vast park that extends over the hill.

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Piazza Baden Baden, 4
10024 Turin

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