The Museum of Antiquities J.J. Winckelmann is located in the main square of the city of Trieste, Piazza Unità d'Italy. The museum has ancient origins, dating back to the nineteenth century the inauguration of the first group of sculptures belonging to the scholar and historian Domenico Rossetti. The Museum was dedicated to J.J. Winckelmann forerunner of modern archeology. The collection is rich and very varied, ranging from prehistoric times to the Bronze Age finds and iron until the vast Roman collection from Aquileia. Of great interest is the Egyptian collection with more than a thousand pieces, one of the main across northern Italy. In the rooms they are exposed sarcophagi of granite, wood or limestone, stucco and then painted. In some sarcophagi we were found human mummies 3,000 years ago. The collection is composed of sheets of papyrus, canopic jars, pyramidion and stele. Moreover, historically relevant figurines representing the main deities: zoo-anthropomorphic deities, sacred animals, servants of the deceased stone, wood and amulets. In the garden next to the museum we can admire the monument to Winckelmann neoclassical work of sculptor Antonio Bosa.

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Via della Cattedrale, 15
34124 Trieste

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