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closed March 5, 1922/2022. PIER PAOLO PASOLINI.

The show

The original journey into the cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini , which opens its doors in Treviso, in the church of San Gaetano, which for the first time once it becomes an exhibition venue. The exhibition, which can be admired until 3 July, is curated by the Museo Nazionale Collezione Salce. 21 posters are on offer, all from the Gianni Da Campo Fund of the Cineteca del Friuli in Gemona del Friuli; to accompany them, a new poster dedicated to Pasolini's centenary, specially created by Renato Casaro, the great poster designer from Treviso to whom an anthological exhibition in three locations is dedicated until May 1st: two from the Salce Collection and the Civic Museum of Santa Caterina.

The posters proposed by the exhibition are those of Accattone (1961), Love and anger (1969 - sequence of the Paper Flower), Notes for a film on India (1968), Capriccio all'italiana (1968), What are the clouds ? Comizi d'amore (1964), Oedipus re (1967), The witches (1967), The Earth seen from the Moon, Mamma Roma (1962), Medea (1969), Porcile (1969), La rabbia (1963) docu-film in two parts, Ro.Go.Pa.G. (1963), La ricotta, Inspections in Palestine for the Gospel according to Matthew (1965), Teorema (1968), Uccellacci and uccellini (1966), The Gospel according to Matthew (1964), 12 December, directed uncredited and shared with Giovanni Bonfanti (1972), Notes for an African Oresteia (1970), The Decameron (1971), The Flower of the Thousand and One Nights (1974), The Walls of Sana'a (1971), The Tales of Canterbury (1972), Salò or the 120 days of Sodom (1975), Nasty Stories (1973). In addition, other films with Pasolini involved in the role of screenwriter, actor, or other: La notte brava (1959), Il bell'Antonio (1960), Requiescat (1967).

The Mamma Roma poster is a graphic composition by Gigi De Santis showing a photograph in which Mamma Roma hugs her son Ettore while he is riding a motorcycle. The poster of the Rage, on the other hand, is by Studio Ravalli, and in it Pasolini poses on the left to oppose Giovannino Guareschi on the right. Comizi d'amore (1964), made before the Gospel but released after, was illustrated by the painter Mauro Innocenti aka Maro, which portrays two boys in love, embraced. Uccellacci e uccellini (1966) is instead a drawing by Carlantonio Longi (1921-1980). Oedipus re (1967) is made by Roberto De Seta, aka Bob De Seta showing the servant of Laius carrying the little Oedipus on the Acheron where he will renounce to suppress him and the palace of Thebes where he will marry his mother by usurping the paternal throne. Teorema (1968) is also by Bob De Seta. The face of Terence Stampo dominates, and with the image of Silvana Mangano below. Porcile (1969) was painted by one of the most important cinema painters Angelo Cesselin. Enrico De Seta is the graphic designer, as well as the draftsman, of the film Medea (1969) where some photos of Mario Tursi (1929-2008) were mounted ”.

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