The Roman cisterns are located in the central Piazza del Popolo in Todi. The cisterns constituted the fulcrum of the water system of the ancient city and had the function of supporting the upper floor. The tanks were discovered in 1966 following the restoration of a commercial shop. The rooms consist of 12 rooms with parallel and communicating rooms. According to studies, it is thought that the origins of the cisterns can be traced back to the 1st century BC. The rooms were made with a concrete made waterproof with a compound of fat mortar materials. The roof is sometimes barrel-vaulted in concrete with a hole in the center that allows for access. Rainwater flowed through the openings and flowed into the cisterns. According to the analyzes, the tanks have a capacity of 2500 cubic meters of water at full capacity. The water had public use for the whole city and the inhabitants. Today the cisterns are open to the public through guided tours that illustrate the millennial history of these places.

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Via del Monte
06059 Todi

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