Palazzo Venezia in Naples

Palazzo Venezia

Palazzo Venezia in Naples is a cultural association founded in 2011 by the will and commitment of its President Gennaro Buccino with the aim of maintaining, disseminating and enhancing the Neapolitan artistic-cultural heritage.

The structure in which it is based, in the past housed the embassy of the Venetian Republic since 1412, hence the popularly recognized name of Palazzo Venezia . Over time, the building first became the noble residence of the jurist Gaspare Capone and as a result of alternating events the premises were used as an eyewear factory, debasing the importance that the building has had on a historical, artistic and cultural level in its centuries-old history.

For this reason, the Palazzo Venezia association aims to return this space to the community, enhancing it and making it usable and accessible to all. For this reason, exhibitions, events, book presentations, conferences and concerts are organized. The association is also active in the field of training with courses in music, painting and folk dances. The spaces, both internal and external, allow the structure to be used for different purposes and in the different months of the year, thus meeting the most diverse needs.


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Via Benedetto Croce, 19
80134 Naples


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