The Besta Palace

The Besta Palace in Teglio is among the most important Lombard Renaissance houses. The Palace was built by the Besta family in 1433, probably on a pre-existing medieval architecture. Over the centuries it had various owners, until the last of the Parravicini family that sold the ownership of the property to the City of Teglio. the inside of the building has a large courtyard with painted decorations that are inspired by the episodes of the Aeneid, Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. In the main hall of the Palace we find the story of the Genesis narrative and the time the Renaissance geographical representation of the world map. The ground floor, however, the Museo Antiquarium Tellinum with prehistoric stems and a representation of the Mother Goddess. The Museum is a jewel of the archaeological history of the Valtellina, especially the Teglio area. Since 2014, the Palazzo Besta MIBACT is managed by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture through the Lombardy Regional Headquarters Museum.

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Via Fabio Besta, 8
23036 Teglio


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