The Tonnara Museum is located in the city of Stintino in the province of Sassari. The museum deals with telling the schools of fish that follow the currents of the Mediterranean, the sea crews who await the arrival, and a network system that shuts off the flow. It describes the traditional tuna fishing method, practiced in the Gulf until the last century. Hatch the lives of the men who caught and processed tuna with effort and tenacity. It contains the identity of an entire country, Stintino, whose history is closely linked to that of tuna Saline. Perpetua, today, the memory of the men and the sea. The visitor will be conducted in a multimedia journey, an audiovisual and musical journey of great beauty. A series of videos, with narration in Italian and English subtitles, reconstruct the events of Tonnara Saline, Stintino and the history of the island Asinara. vintage images, full of charm and rituals, run display screens, alternating with intense and passionate testimonies. On display the tools in use in the trap, the documentation thereof, diaries, old newspaper articles, used clothing during the massacre, reproductions of boats and tuna. They are part of the display, in addition, some selected works of Sardinian artists who painted the life of the trap, by Stanis Dessy to Ausonio Tanda, by Nani Tedeschi Angelo Maggi.

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