The Diocesan Museum and the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia are located in the center of Spoleto. The Diocesan Museum is located inside the Cardinal's Apartment in the wing of the noble floor of the Archbishop's Palace. The Museum was inaugurated in 1960 with the aim of enhancing and conserving the works belonging to the Archdiocese of Spoleto and Norcia. The Museum houses a vast collection of works from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. The collection is mostly composed of paintings by the likes of Domenico Beccafumi, the Cavalier d'Arpino, Filippino Lippi and Sebastiano Conca. A small nucleus of the collection refers to sculptures in different materials and styles, such as: the "San Filippo Neri" by Algardi, the Romanesque wooden groups of the thirteenth century and "Urban VIII" in bronze by Gianlorenzo Bernini. There are liturgical artifacts dating back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries together with a rich selection of furnishings in precious metals. Of great interest is also the Basilica of Sant'Eufemia which can be accessed directly from the museum. The Basilica of 1100 preserves a cycle of medieval frescoes in perfect condition and very interesting.

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Via Aurelio Saffi, 13
06049 Spoleto

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