Museo Botanico di Siena

The botanical Museum

The Botanical Museum, established in 2007, is a structure of the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Siena and includes the two historic museums / university laboratories: the Botanical Garden and the Herbarium.

The Botanical Garden of Siena is located from 1856 inside the ancient city walls, in the valley (about 2.5 hectares) that opens between Tufi door and Porta San Marco. It preserves over 2,000 vegetable species, from the typical Mediterraneans of the Tuscan environment to the most original from exotic countries. The structure visible today, organized in the style of the Italian nineteenth century gardens, is a suggestive place, with numerous testimonies that lead back its history to the 16th century. The remaining wide portion of the garden that opens in the valley, on the other hand, preserves the appearance of farm, interspersed by rocky and humid areas for the presentation of particular Tuscan environments.

The herbarium (Herbarium Universitatis Senensis) is located in two air-conditioned rooms of the department and constitutes a valuable source of botanical and historical information, as well as an indispensable tool for research and teaching for the university. The herbarium consists of over 90,000 dried between vascular plants, lichens, briofites, mushrooms, algae and is divided into different sections: the historical collections and collections.


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Via Pier Andrea Mattioli, 4
53100 Siena


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