Archivio e percorso storico di Ateneo

The Historical Archive

The Rectorate Palace is the heart of the University of Siena and in its interior there is the historic museum route that brings together works of art, objects and documents that represent the historical memory of the University. From the Middle Ages to 1808 the University's activity took place, substantially without interruption, in the ancient Casa della Sapienza and in the saints of Santa Maria della Scala. In 1808, by order of the French government, the Sienese firm was suppressed to resume its full activity only with restoration. It was on this occasion, in 1816, that the University moved into the current headquarters, already the Jesuit college of San Vigilio.

The building was originally equipped with only one entrance, to the side of the church of San Vigilio, but in 1892 the architect Giuseppe Partini realized the new entrance from Via Banchi di Sotto and gave the courtyard the current appearance. Today the threshold today, you have the opportunity to carry out a sort of travel in the history of the University from the Middle Ages to the present day through a series of testimonies, exhibited in special teques or preserved in the historical archive, which constitute a path articulated chronologically in Six rooms.

The historical archive preserves the documentation produced and acquired by the University from 1560 to 1955 which allows to understand the development had from the university in this period of time and to reconstruct the biographies of the main characters who have taught you or studied. The archive is included in a "historical path" consisting of a series of objects and documents that mark the main episodes of university life.


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Banchi di Sotto, 55
53100 Siena


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