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From 24 November to 25 February at Santa Maria della Scala the exhibition “Giuseppe Gavazzi. A perfect coincidence”, promoted by the Antico Ospedale Santa Maria della Scala Foundation and the Municipality of Siena and curated by Mauro Civai, Andrea Sbardellati, Enrico Toti.

The exhibition offers a complete review of works created over more than fifty years which tell the story of a very long and luminous career. The sculptures mainly depict the human figure, rendered in his daily and spontaneous attitudes: modeled in terracotta, stucco or wood and then colored through the use of refined chromatic effects created with the use of natural clays worked directly in his Pistoia studio , the works follow the itineraries of the great sculptural art of the Italian twentieth century. An experience that suggests recurring plots and encounters frequent consonances, to the point of sublimating itself in what appears to be a 'perfect coincidence' of intentions, practices and results. The most extraordinary and productive of these connections, perhaps born by chance but then becoming founding elements of the solid formal baggage of this great sculptor, is the one that allowed him to transfer the techniques acquired thanks to his very long career as a restorer into his artistic activity. of wall paintings, in a fortunate and always lively osmosis between these two fundamental aspects of his human and professional experience.

Equally intriguing in his works is the profound and necessary interrelation between sculpture which takes the form of a plasticity that is in certain aspects ancestral and the intervention of painting which further models the forms according to a refined and always new design, sinking its deep roots in elegance of the season that led his Tuscan ancestors to triumphantly enter the Renaissance. Master of art and restoration, Gavazzi is in fact known and appreciated throughout the world not only for his sculptures, but also for having given new life to the masterpieces created by some of the main interpreters of medieval and Renaissance art such as Duccio di Buoninsegna , Giotto, Simone Martini, Ambrogio and Pietro Lorenzetti, Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Pinturicchio and many, many others.


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Piazza Duomo, 1
53100 Siena


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