Pietro Canonica Museum in Villa Borghese

The Pietro Canonica Museum

The Pietro Canonica Museum is located in the Fortezzuola of Villa Borghese in the splendid setting of Piazza di Siena, where the artist lived and worked from 1922 until his death in 1959. The building where the Piero Canonica Museum is located was indicated by the seventeenth-century documents such as “Gallinaro”, where ostriches, peacocks and ducks were bred for the Borghese family's hunting trips. The current name of Fortezzuola derives from the medieval features that date back to an intervention of the late eighteenth century, attributed to Antonio Asprucci. Pietro Canonica attends the Albertina Academy in Turin, in an Italy that has recently achieved unity and is engaged in the difficult task of building the identity of the Italians. In this environment, interwoven with moral and civil commitment, the aesthetic sense of the artist is formed, attentive and enthusiastic guardian of the Italian artistic tradition. Participates in the most important national and international exhibitions: Paris, Venice, London, Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Petersburg. Academician of San Luca and of numerous Italian and foreign academies, in 1929 he was appointed Academician of Italy and in 1950 Senator for life. He asserts himself in the circles of the high aristocracy and is called to all the courts of Europe, where they compete to commission him celebratory works, but above all busts, palpitating and incisive portraits, executed with a rare technical skill and great confidence in the modeling. From Buckingham Palace to the court of the Tsars, there are countless aristocratic faces who see their most secret interiority expressed in marble. After his death in 1959, the collection of his works constituted the first nucleus of the Museum dedicated to the artist. His wife, who passed away in 1987, also wanted to donate the fine furnishings of the apartment they lived in to the Municipality of Rome.


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Viale Pietro Canonica, 2
00197 Rome


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