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The Museum of Salvated Art will be located in Rome, inside the National Roman Museum , in the Octagonal Hall - more commonly known as the Planetarium - of the Baths of Diocletian .

The Museum - whose constitution was announced by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini a few weeks ago, after the umpteenth success of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (TPC) - will be a place to permanently talk about the saving of art in its different shapes.

Without prejudice to the principle that each work must return to its territory of origin, the Museo dell'Arte Salvata wants to be a place where these assets can transit and be exhibited to the public for a limited period of time: stolen, dispersed works of art, sold or exported illegally and then, finally, brought back home, to mend that piece stolen from history and national heritage.

Refunds due to cultural diplomacy or following investigations by the TPC Carabinieri Command and the work of the Blue Helmets of culture, the discovery in the rubble of earthquakes and following interventions in the event of natural disasters and conflicts, rescues thanks to major restorations, not to mention the fortuitous recoveries of antiquities or due to emergency excavations for public and private works, the masterpieces restored by the Central Institute for Restoration (ICR): all these works of art will find a landing place for a period during which they will be exhibited to the public before being relocated to the museums to which they belong.

On the occasion of the Museum's opening to the public, the recent findings resulting from the activities to combat the illicit trafficking of cultural goods carried out by the TPC Operational Department, always on the trail of art, will be exhibited.

The exhibition is based on the objects that the TPC Operations Department has returned from the United States of America in a period of time between December 2021 and last week: an imposing corpus of works with numerous pieces of archeology from various civilizations.

These artifacts date back to various investigative activities conducted by the " Carabinieri dell'Arte " in collaboration with the US authorities, seized from museum directorates, auction houses and private collections in various overseas locations. They had endured the usual rigmarole of illicit trade in the sector: clandestine excavations, receiving stolen goods, illicit exportation. The return to Italy took place on 15 December 2021 at the Consulate General of New York, where some pieces remained on display for a few months.


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Via Enrico de Nicola, 78
00185 Rome


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