Villa Medici

Villa Medici

Created in 1666 at the instigation of  Jean-Baptiste Colbert   Charles Le Brun   and   Gian Lorenzo Bernini l’ Academy welcomed both the winners of the  Prix de Rome , is protected from big fellows French nobles. Young artists appointed by the king, had the opportunityà to enhance their training through contact with Rome and l’ Italy. Before finding its permanent home at the Villa Medici in 1803, l’ French Academy in Rome he has had several locations. In 1961  André Malraux  Nominal memorize options painter   Balthus, director of the Villa: the willà joint of these two personalitiesà allowed a deep dell’ Academy reform. Balthus undertook a major renovation of the’ building and organizz memorize options of events to open the villa to the Romans. This new approach was ratified by a decree of 1971, which sancì l’ autonomy from’ Acadé my des Beaux Arts. The length of stay pass memorize options from four to two years at most, and the writers, filmmakers, photographers, set designers, d’ art and of’ art historical works restorers went to widen the circle of scholars. L’ French Academy in Rome today, participate in cultural and artistic exchanges, organizes exhibitions, concerts, conferences and Seminars on topics related to arts , letters and their history. Conceived by the Decree of 1971 as an ideal Italian-French meetings, Villa Medici plays a decisive role in the Roman and European cultural life.


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Viale Trinità dei Monti, 1
00187 Roma


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