Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi memory

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The Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi Memory is located inside Porta San Pancrazio, on the Janiculum Hill in Rome. Following an important recovery and enhancement intervention, in 2011 the monumental complex of Porta San Pancrazio was reopened and the Museum of the Roman Republic and of Garibaldi's Memory was inaugurated, which traces - with historical documents, works of art and multimedia and educational materials - the history, the places and the characters of that fundamental moment of our Risorgimento which was the Roman Republic of 1849. The exhibition itinerary winds along the four floors of the building, telling, room by room, the historical events of the Roman Republic and of tradition garibaldina. Busts, paintings, engravings and Garibaldi relics, as well as models and a very rich multimedia apparatus, guide the visitor to discover the places, the days and the main protagonists of the events of those years of great political ferment. Room after room it is possible to reconstruct the evolution of the events that led, from the European uprisings of 1848 through the liberal phase of Pius IX, to the escape of the pope to Gaeta and to the proclamation of the Roman Republic until its dramatic epilogue in July 1849, to conclusion of the harsh clashes that saw the Roman troops oppose the much larger forces of the French army who rushed to the aid of the Pope.


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Largo di Porta S. Pancrazio, 9
00153 Rome


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