&ndash smART Foundation; pole for the’ art  born in December 2018 for Margherita Marzotto initiative, Stephanie Fazio Giorgia Rissone inherited the five-year history of the older cultural association and renews its commitment to help bridge to the’ contemporary art, through  the promotion of activitiesà ; exhibition, educational and cultural. 

The Foundation supports the work of art as a critical interface with realityà contemporary and s’ committed to cultivating an essential aspect: the communication between the actors of this scene and the public, in a’ hospitalityà optics; and sharing.  It is proposed as an art center, a place where present and introduce the work of artists, creating opportunities for knowledge and deepening of artistic research. 

Our activitiesà are increasinglyù addressed to the experimentation of contemporary languages, youè ;, in fact, a’ careful research in the arts and cultural and’ open to discussion and dialogue with the different actors of the contemporary scene.


Collezione x

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Piazza Crati 6
00199 Roma


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