The Hungarian Academy of Rome is based in Palazzo Falconieri, structure, built in the seventeenth century by one of the greatest Baroque masters, Francesco Borromini. Today the Hungarian Academy continually hosts grant holders who are artists, students and scholars. In recent years many efforts have been made to transform it into a modern institution, at the height of its cultural and scientific tasks. It was resumed the systematic study of archives and existing libraries in Rome and the Vatican. The Art Gallery of the Institute, in addition to annually host exhibitions of the Academy fellows and other Hungarian artists, often opens its premises to the works of Italian painters and sculptors. In the great hall of the Palace are held systematically conferences and round tables, concerts and film screenings. They become so numerous the opportunities for direct contact among intellectuals, scholars and the most important artists of the two countries, which makes the Hungarian Academy a real meeting point between the two cultures.

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Via Giulia, 1
00186 Roma

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