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As part of the Espressioni exhibition program that characterizes the activities of the Castello di Rivoli in the years 2021-2022, the Research Center of the Castello di Rivoli (CRRI) in collaboration with the museum's curatorial department, organizes the first exhibition in an Italian institution dedicated to Bracha L. Ettinger (Tel Aviv, 1948), whose artistic practice is intertwined with her work and research as a philosopher and psychoanalyst.

Bracha L. Ettinger's practice has its roots in the artist's autobiographical past, in the story of the parents who survived the Holocaust, and analyzes the concepts of trauma, oblivion, the female gaze and "matrixial", the space of the unconscious and of moving from the invisible to the visible by emphasizing the properties of the art of healing and healing the individual and society. His notebooks, like his paintings, are characterized by a dimension poised between abstract and figurative obtained through very fine strokes as well as the application of layers of color and the definition of shapes that create an oblique atmosphere between darkness and light and invite the spectator to immerse himself in an intimate and spiritual time.

The exhibition presents a selection of 5 paintings and about 50 notebooks used by the artist to jot down his reflections, associations and work notes, combining word and drawing. The notebooks, written in three languages (French, English and Hebrew) and divided between notebooks annotated during therapy sessions and artist's notebooks, bear witness to the dual activity of Bracha L. Ettinger and constitute a privileged point of view for deepening his research and his thinking. The artist's notebooks are exhibited in an unprecedented and unified installation in the historic rooms of the Castello di Rivoli including the "Sala dei Putti Sleeping", decorated in 1720 and intended at the time to house the King's chamber. the notebooks presented are set up in dialogue with the frescoed ceiling, creating an organic path and allowing visitors to move freely to observe each notebook more closely in a meditative atmosphere.


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Piazzale Mafalda di Savoia, 2
10098 Rivoli


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