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From 26 April to 9 June 2024

Palazzo da Mosto

Palazzo da Mosto

Via Giovanni Battista Mari, 7, Reggio Emilia

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The clients of this edition are located in the PALAZZO DA MOSTO venue, together with an exhibition dedicated to the photographic books and the two winning projects of the Open Call.

The production of Fotografia Europea 2024, entrusted to Karim El Maktafi, is entitled day by day, and focuses on the fascinating context of the "Internal Areas": extremely heterogeneous regions, characterized by their distance from large conurbation centres, which, despite occupying approximately three fifths of the national territory, host just under a quarter of the total Italian population. Specifically, the photographer's investigation developed in vast portions of the Emilian Apennines, where El Maktafi examined the profound and fragile bond between man and nature, bringing out the cultural heritage through lifestyles deeply rooted in slow cycles of the natural mountain environment.

The Index Naturae exhibition, curated by Stefania Rössl and Massimo Sordi (OMNE - Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est), includes 116 photographic books published in the last five years dedicated to the theme of nature. The selection of the volumes on display, created by national and international authors who have joined the project proposed by OMNE, represents on the one hand a source of reflection on the current state of photography and publishing, on the other it identifies a corpus of research experiences capable to offer very different points of view on the topic of the relationship between man and nature in the contemporary world, stimulating possible insights and experiments.

The projects selected by the Open Call jury, among the over 500 works by artists and curators who participated, are those of Marta Bogdańska and Michele Sibiloni. Marta Bogdańska's SHIFTERS project starts from the assumption that only by rethinking the position of the human being in the world and therefore looking beyond the anthropocentric horizon, can a true and profound coexistence be achieved, which therefore also includes animals. The work began with archival research and a collection of articles on animal spies at war and then relating this multifaceted story to that of their liberation and rights. Michele Sibiloni, on the other hand, stimulates a reflection on the future of global food and on the precarious balance of natural ecosystems through the Nsenene project, curated by Marco Scotti, which documents the frenetic moments of the grasshopper harvesting activities (Nsenene, precisely) in Uganda , which alternates with long periods of waiting and hope; times that are increasingly less predictable due to climate change.

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Via Giovanni Battista Mari, 7, Reggio Emilia, Italy

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