Palace of Theodoric

The Theodoric Palace is the only surviving architectural testimony of the 8th century AD in Ravenna. On the first floor of the building you can see a selection of floor mosaics belonging to what was the most notable discovery of the early 1900s in the surrounding area: the ancient palace area of the imperial city. The portion of the building identified as the narthex and facade of the church of San Salvatore Ad Calchis (8th century AD) remains visible today from the ancient palatial area of the imperial city, of which the foundations of the main body are also preserved. During the twentieth century, thanks to the restorations carried out by Corrado Ricci, the first superintendent of Italy, today the structure, in particular the façade consisting of a double wall, is once again legible in its original appearance: on the ground floor with the portal and the two pairs of arches and on the upper floor the imposing niche with the mullioned window flanked by two symmetrical series of blind arches. During the visit it is possible to admire floor fragments in opus sectile of polychrome marble (1st-2nd century AD) coming from the representative rooms of the palatium (apsidal room and triconchus), fragments of figured mosaic floor (5th century AD) coming from the corridors that surrounded the peristyle and mainly representing scenes of circus games, pavement fragments (6th century and Theoderician age) decorated with geometric, phytomorphic or floral motifs which, having remained in use longer even after the abandonment of the palace and the dissolution of the Exarchate , survive the subsequent decline of the executive quality of the Ravenna mosaic workers of the seventh century.

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Via Alberoni, angolo, via di Roma
48121 Ravenna


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