The Museum of the Cathedral of St. George is located in the historic center of Ragusa. The Museum was opened in 2009 and is located in the Cathedral of St. George environments. The museum sequence into three basic sections: the so-called Bishop, of Preachers and "Santara" and the "red room." The rooms retain the original architecture, with vaulted ceilings, antique floors, stone conduits for conveying water, arches and capitals. The Museum was founded with the idea to display and preserve all collections located in the sacristy or in the warehouses of the diocese of St. George. The aim is to exploit all the artifacts in a single museum. The course covers the history and artistic culture of the diocese of Ragusa and includes a first historical and topographical framework of the city. Of great interest is the Treasury of St. George, a symbol of Dubrovnik, includes a gold casket inside which there is the relic of St. George and a cross studded with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Among the works of the collection are "ex voto", jewelery such as necklaces, pendants and rings, paintings and sculptures in various materials.

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Salita Duomo, 15
97100 Ragusa

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