MAR Roman Archaeological Museum is located in Positano in the famous town of Amalfi Coast. The museum gives new life to only a part of the Roman villa of idleness, which is located in the Oratory Church of SS. Maria Assunta. The villa still perfectly preserves the pavement mosaics and wall paintings in the Pompeian style with the colors of red, yellow, black, blue and white. Thanks to the restoration has been possible to highlight a part of the Roman Villa. Through a flight path of glass and steel it is the villa can see from above. The bridge was built to allow the visitor to understand the historical layers of the villa and the medieval church. During the excavations numerous bronze artifacts as containers and utensils for cooking the dishes were found. Today's remains are kept on the upper floor of the villa. The Museum has made necessary the use of multimedia and instructional videos that recreate the original settings and places the findings in their home areas. During the visit you can admire the medieval crypts. In particular, the upper Crypt opens at the center giving space to the input walkway to the vision of the Villa.

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Piazza Flavio Gioia, 7
84017 Positano


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