Complesso di San Pietro

Il Museo Archeologico

Built in the XII century in a’ area outside the city walls, l’ Jerusalem hospital and the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulcher were based, from its construction until 1798 of’ Order of the Knights of Jerusalem also known as the Knights of Malta. In XIV he held the function of the Grand Priory of Lombardy having now received the control of the’ Order in northern Italy. The Complexè It consists of a series of buildings. The round church was built between 1110 and 1130. Its original name of the Holy Sepulcher and its shape place it among the più examples; significant churches built in imitation of the rotunda of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.


Valperga chapel, a square, was built between 1446 and 1467 by the willà the Prior Giorgio Valperga andè It characterized by remarkable terracotta friezes attributed to Francesco Filiberti of Alexandria. The cloister, with round columns and vaults from perfect wall structure, assumed an appearance very similar to that of today only in the’ 400. The premises of the priory house are almost entirely the result of’ intervention of 1930-31.


In St. Peter's Complex located since 1932, the Archaeological Museum. Consisting mostly of four collections donated by citizens of Asti between late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Museum includes pre-Roman metals, Greek ceramics, Great Greek and Etruscan, and a large collection of Roman artifacts: terracotta pottery and lamps, urns, glass, bronzes. Part of the material comes from Roman funerary tombs of the first century A.D. discovered in 1879 on the western outskirts of Asti. In the small, but significant Egyptian section there are two mummies, the relevant wooden coffins anthropomorphic, can memorize options vessels; pi and a collection of amulets, ushà bti, figurines of godsà and other religious and funerary objects.


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Corso Vittorio Alfieri, 2
14100 Asti


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